I will miss you, 2010

A few more hours ‘til we welcome the dawn of a new year. I hear doors opening and the fresh smell of new beginnings are definitely in the air. 2011, please be nice. I’m hoping you’ll be as awesome as 2010. Or maybe even better.

Last year went fleetingly by, just like past flings and delicious pastries. Thank you, 2010, for being more incredible than I had hoped. No new romance has blossomed but still, the new friends you have brought me are pleasantly satisfying. Nothing can compare to the happiness from karaoke songs, unplanned sleepovers, careless drinks, Amphi moments, and passing grades. I wish more of these will be part of my 2011.

Unfortunately, life cannot only be filled with laughter. 2010, you have also brought me tears, mostly, during the month of August. It was unexpected and sudden. You have taken someone from me that I have loved so dearly. He was the father figure of my life and he will never be forgotten. His departure brought our family closer than ever and for this, I thank him. I’m pretty sure he’s doing quite well now. He’s in a better place and I wish he stays happy and peaceful there.

2010 was also the year I finally turned eighteen. No extravagant debut for me; only a family outing to Subic. If I were given the chance to travel back in time and redo my eighteenth birthday, I wouldn’t change a thing except for not bringing my mother and grandfather with me. I do not regret having to celebrate with a swollen and infected eye which called for my first surgery. It was not exactly an ideal way to spend a birthday but still, it was clearly unforgettable. And don’t get me wrong; I still enjoyed our family trip 😉

I know that the problems of the past will carry on until we find ways to humbly accept or bravely face the difficulties of the present. 2011, I wish you will look upon us with kind eyes and be the year filled with solutions and contentment. Hopefully, what the future holds are challenges that will not break or destroy us, but shall make us become stronger and wiser. Let this year be filled with love, peace and hope. May success also come our way as we yearn to better ourselves and our lives.

May God bless 2011 and all the other years to come.

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Belated Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays, my friends!

I know it’s a little too late but…

I wish you all had a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the feasts and all your blessings. I hope you didn’t forget to greet Jesus a happy birthday.