College life

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I can enumerate dozens of excuses but there are only two main reasons why I haven’t been in touch. First, my internet connection was temporarily disabled. During the past few months, my social life suffered quite significantly and that fact saddens me. One’s social life should never be dependent on the availability of  a Wi-Fi signal. But that’s a topic which I shall save for another time. My second excuse is, well, college life. Obviously. I’ve been very busy and will continue to be busy and out of touch until the end of 2011. I’m nearing graduation and I spend most of my time writing my thesis… Ha! Who am I kidding? My groupmates and I haven’t even decided on our topic yet! Hahaha! Too many distractions, too many choices, too many assignments, too many of certain things which we do not want. Speaking of distractions…

Yeah, I do! 😉 Hahaha! Anyway, I will still try my best and update this blog and my online Zazzle store. To all college students out there, good luck on your thesis! Don’t hate the subject, hate the professor… Hahaha kidding! 😀

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