“I can love”, said the green monster.

“I can love”, said the green monster. “Any creature – definitely not only humans – can love.”
I can love green monster rickshawflapsleeve
During the past few days, I’ve been busy organizing my online store and I’ve realized certain things. For one, I found that some of my early designs were not really given the chance to say hello to the world so I am going to make my next posts about them. Second, I need two new stores; one for my inspirational and religious designs and another for my Filipino designs. But this will take a while so I’ll talk about those in the near future. (FYI, I have newly opened my second store and entitled it “The Word”. Typical. Visit it!) Third, well, I can’t think of a third realization.
Anyway, for now, say hello to a cute green monster who has no name but has a heart full of love:
I can love green monster throwpillow
I can love green monster by AbbyCastro
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Want to see her on an iPad case, a mug, a keychain or even on a cookie jar? Well, you’re in luck! Click here to see where else this monster has spread love.
Happy online shopping!