Inspirational Sunday: Ephesians 5:2

Inspirational Sunday: Ephesians 5:2

“Walk in love as Christ has also loved us.”

– Ephesians 5:2

Who wants this as a wallpaper? 🙂

Two new collections!

Who would've guessed that hot air balloons could be this adorable!

As promised, I’ve uploaded my newest pattern! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this! This is definitely now my favorite 🙂 If I had the money right now, I’d totally buy the whole collection.

Obviously, I don’t. Plus I don’t have a credit card. I know, lots of excuses. Maybe you should just go and check out the whole collection here. In case you don’t want to, well, I’ve got something else for you:

Yes, another collection! I’ve been kinda depressed lately which led me to be being busy and oh so productive. So why don’t you try and cheer me up by looking at the custom items here. Take a peek, buy something and/or share it with your friends. Do whatever you like. Enjoy!

Happy online shopping! 🙂

New pattern : Hot air balloons!

Hot air balloons!

Hot air balloons can’t get any cuter than this, yes? 🙂

A new pattern is on its way to my online store! I really had a lot of trouble with choosing the color scheme and the arrangement of the balloons but after a few hours of tweaking everything into place, I’m finally satisfied with how it looks. Hope you’ll like it, too. I’ll upload it tomorrow so keep checking on the upcoming custom items 🙂

Advanced Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming.. Let us not forget to celebrate the loveliness of our moms 🙂 If you forgot, do not fret. I’ve designed some Happy Mother’s Day greeting cards for you:

I’ll try to design some more but I’m not making any promises.. Anyway, what do you think about the new cards?

You’re adorable!

I don’t think I’ve introduced my orange friend to you.  He’s got a message for you..

Available on various products. Check out what’s on sale here.

Happy online shopping! 🙂

“I can love”, said the green monster.

“I can love”, said the green monster. “Any creature – definitely not only humans – can love.”
I can love green monster rickshawflapsleeve
During the past few days, I’ve been busy organizing my online store and I’ve realized certain things. For one, I found that some of my early designs were not really given the chance to say hello to the world so I am going to make my next posts about them. Second, I need two new stores; one for my inspirational and religious designs and another for my Filipino designs. But this will take a while so I’ll talk about those in the near future. (FYI, I have newly opened my second store and entitled it “The Word”. Typical. Visit it!) Third, well, I can’t think of a third realization.
Anyway, for now, say hello to a cute green monster who has no name but has a heart full of love:
I can love green monster throwpillow
I can love green monster by AbbyCastro
Browse other throw pillow designs on Zazzle.
Want to see her on an iPad case, a mug, a keychain or even on a cookie jar? Well, you’re in luck! Click here to see where else this monster has spread love.
Happy online shopping!

Agatha Castro designs

Black and white monster speckcase
For today, I am going to introduce you to someone really awesome: my sister, Agatha! She’s really great at drawing and honestly, she designs way better than I do. You might think I’m bluffing but to prove I’m right, just take a look at the iPod Touch case she designed a few months ago. It’s quite cool, isn’t it? 🙂 Here are a few more examples of her work:
Amazing, right? (To view more of her designs, please visit her Zazzle store.) But there’s a sad part. She doesn’t really have a lot of followers. Please do us a big favor, kindly read her blog and put a smile on her pretty little face.
Many thanks to all! 🙂
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