Quit work and make art


I’m not yet employed so this statement might not literally be applicable to me. But it is true for most of us. Unless you are some lucky dude who gets paid loads of money to do something you love. Fine, we are all jealous of you. But for us beings who have failed to become what we dreamed of when we were little kids; for those who did not become astronauts, spies, ninjas, fairies, princesses or Superman; and for those who did fulfill their dreams but realized that it was not what they really wanted; well, good luck to us. Because we will be stuck with the harsh reality that we might never obtain the job that we have always aspired to get. Only a minority of us possess the luxury to actually postpone life and go after their dreams while the rest are obligated to live through their boring daily routine just to earn enough and survive.

I am currently taking up finance in college. Finance! I am sorry Wall Street guys. The movie was great but finance will always be only my second love. My great love is graphic design and that I cannot change. Don’t get me wrong, finance for me is wonderful and dynamic; a bit scary but exciting. I accept that my future will include something like that. However, I can never stop myself from adoring and drooling over the works of numerous artists, most specially vector ones. That is why every once in a while, I let my assignments pile up and I work on little projects. I design clothes, mugs, binders, and other things that you can find on my Zazzle store. And so, although reality tells me that I can never really be a world-famous artist in the near future, at least, I get to taste the dream a bit. Feel it. Experience it. I even think that this actually preserves my craving for art because the feeling of fulfillment which I receive from doing my projects does not really last long. It just makes me want to come back for more. As they say, it feels great to taste the things that you are forbidden to taste. Well, it’s not a famous saying but I’ve been told that is the case most days.

I did not write this post to tell you literally to quit your jobs and go after your dreams. Because, let’s face it, we can’t. But I do want to suggest that you take some time away from your boring job and just enjoy life that way you have always wanted to. Take a vacation. Create art. Learn to play an instrument. Dance. Make love. Travel. Drink. Be merry.


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Hello world!

I’m not really sure how to start this. Maybe I can begin by telling you a bit of how I’m feeling right now:

Yes, I do want to go on a vacation, right this minute. Who doesn’t? But, oh well, we must always face reality and continue trying to finish our work. It’s what we’re all supposed to do everyday, isn’t it?

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